One day, i was looking for 2 hour relax videos for me to rest. I then came across a video. It was titled, "Window.avi". I clicked the video. It played with just a picture of someone's window. As i was starring at it, i noticed something. Between some trees outside was a face. It had big eyes, a long nose, and was smiling. It looked like the Rug-rat's Grandfather's face. Then it cut to static for 5.00 seconds before going back to the same image. Then it cut to static again for now 3.00 seconds. Then it cuts to the picture. Then it cuts to static now for 1.00 seconds.

The same picture was now darker. It cut to static for the same amount of time before cutting to black. After that, it stayed like that for 9 seconds. The picture returns now in black in white. Cricket sounds are heard. Then it cut to a still photo of 2 dead people having sex. This took place in a sewer. It stayed on screen for 2.00 seconds before going back to the window image. That was when the picture started to get weird. Glitch FX were happening and the scene spun in circles! I was about to get dizzy until a shot from Dead Bart showed up for 1 second before cutting to static. I just sat there starring at the computer blankly in fright.


What the window looks like.