I don't know how to start this, but i'll try. Also, this is a parody of Suicide Mouse, but i didn't copy the story from the pasta.


I love creating animations, I make them funny and awesome. One day in 5th grade, Me and my brother, Andrew were assigned to make an animation. So we did. The next day, Our class shared their animations, then came my Andrew's animation. It was that cartoon character we liked as kids, Caillou. It was Caillou and his family (Including his grandparents) walking by buildings. The weird thing was that the film was in greystyle and the family was still. LB song was heard with a sound of howling wind playing over it. Since it was a short song. It seemed to me it was going on forever. After the song was over, the picture started to get weird. The background slowly teetered. Then the background spun around while the family zoomed in as if coming out the screen. Just then, the whole picture disolved out. A picture of LEGO Star Wars ZOMBIE showed up on screen. A man's scream was heard. Everyone was shocked. The Teacher told us to leave except for Andrew. When i got home that night, i went to sleep and had a few nightmares about the animation. In the middle of the night, i heard my doorbell ring. I came downstairs and saw Andrew wearing a Caillou costume with all his hair shaved off and wearing a mask of Caillou's face.

The update:

One day, My brother updated the animation, Suicidecaifamily.avi. I called my friend to come over right away. Andrew had uploaded his animation to YouTube. We went to and found the animation. The animation was the same like at school, but this time, there was film grain on the screen that looked still. We skipped a few parts. After the Star Wars ZOMBIE picture disappeared, a sound of horror fade out was heard. Then the animation ended. We were suprised to find two new stuff in this video. I am sure you can find out why my brother made this.

Deleted Scene:

One more thing about this pasta. There is a deleted scene to this. The picture is shown again with the camera zooming in on it. Then it cuts to a shot from "Max And Ruby 0004" in black and white. That's all. So if you come across this video, don't watch this alone.

Suisidecaifamily photo