Star-gate was one of the best movies from 1990! In 1997, The MGM company directed a classic TV series out of it and named it, "Star-gate S G 1, however, there was a lost episode that wasn't available in the show.

The Pasta Edit

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A normal Stargate episode

One day, i was on Google looking up any Star-gate episodes, but on the 3rd Google page, i found the episode that i just told you in the prologue of the pasta.

It was labeled, "Star-Gate S G 1- Episode 666". I clicked the video. The video begun. But there was no preview like any other episode and instead of the regular intro, text came up reading, "...".


The title card

The episode started out in threshold slow motion with soldiers running. Then the next scene was Sam (also known as Captain Carter) having a conversation with Kernel O Neil. On the first shot of the scene, there was text that said, "IMAGINE 666" before disappearing. Everything was normal except that it was still in slow motion. This went on for 11 seconds i think. Then it cuts to the next scene which was now completely fast and glitched. Then it went to the Star gate closing. Now the video was back to slow motion. Then it went to a scene of the S G 1 group walking and discussing about something, but i couldn't understand what they were saying. It looked like they were speaking some strange language. The film was completely glitched and distorted. This went on for 14 seconds and it went to the star gate's symbols filling up. The scene changed to the same scene of the group discussing and walking, but this time, it was fast forward and spinning in circles.

Then it went to Tilk's face, with text under him saying, "Go kill your friends Kernal". The text changed and this time, it read, "NOW". Then it goes to static and the video ends there.