One day, i found an very weird animation.

It was titled: Sjalvmord. I clicked the video.

It started out with a title card the read the same thing like the video's title with very weird distorted and creepy sounds instead of music.

After that, the video started out with a white stick guy and some sort of skeleton guy standing face to face.

Then it panned to the guy's face and the skeleton's face and back to the guy's face which now seemed to be saying, "No" multiple times in a deep voice.

For a split second, i could see a picture of a dead person. Then the video returned.

This time, he has tears of blood dropping from his eyes.

Another split second shows a vampire face in darkness.

A picture of the dead girl from "Squid ward's suicide" appeared for also a split second,

This time, the guy's tears were now waterfalls of blood.

Suddenly, the guy fell to the ground.

He was now acting desperate.

Voices in the background chanted, "Yes yes yeses".

scribbled lines showed up above him.

It panned out showing the skeleton and the guy far from the camera.

It panned right back to the guy still in his desperate action.

Just then, he turned black.

It panned out in the same way from before.

Suddenly, both, the skeleton and guy faded out.

Then it faded to black and a piece of text came up saying, "SLUTET".

Then the video came to an end.