One day, i was on Ebay searching for any copies of the Harry Potter trilogy online. I came across a very strange VHS tape. The tape was labeled: "Harry Potter 666". I thought it was an unreleased film. So i added it to cart and bought it online.

The next day, the video came in the mail. I ran to my mailbox, got the tape out, ran inside, and popped it in the VCR.

The tape did not have the Warner Bros logo. Instead, the title came up, but it was in a different font and was red.

Snapshot 3 (8-17-2014 2-49 PM)

A screenshot from the video

The video begins with a Lego Harry Potter mini figure in a bedroom. The strange thing was that the room was completely empty and Harry just stood there starring at me.

The only thing that was there was a bed right beside him.

Random creepy, distorted, demonic, and reversed music from Ed, Ed, n Eddy: episode 34 is playing in the background.

It cuts to black for a split second before going back to the image. Harry was now inched closer to the camera and the music kept playing before going to white noise.

Snapshot 4 (8-17-2014 2-50 PM)

Another screenshot

Then it cuts to black for extra amounts of time.

Then it cuts to Harry now lying in the bed. The sound was now different.

Snapshot 6 (8-17-2014 2-50 PM)

Harry seen at the end of the tape before color bars

It was some random reversed sounds from different clips from 40s and 90s cartoons

For two split seconds, i could see a picture of the real Harry Potter, but there were several things out of place:

Harry's eyes were black with red pupils and blood spilling from both of them.

He had a really disgusting red church outfit on.

Then the image returned, but it was blurred and slowed down too much.

After that, the same image of Harry from the split seconds appeared on screen.

This time however, there was wingdings text above him that i believe is translated, "Death is my only release".

The rest of the tape was color bars.

Then the tape came to an end.

I took the tape and threw it on the ground and made my dog poop on it.

So if you find this, Don't buy it.