Does anyone remember the 1994 game, "Ethan VS The Universe"?

Well I hear there is an unreleased version.

The News Report Edit

In 1999, Martin Luther King Jr told the crowd that no one of the people should play it. The posters of the game labeled the version, "Ethan.exe".

The Game Play Edit

Snapshot 4 (8-24-2014 11-19 AM)

One day, i was biking when, i suddenly found a trash can toppled over. I stopped and took found a damaged copy of Ethan Vs The Universe. I took a look at the CD. It had crude handwriting, that read, "Ethan.exe". I took the copy home and slammed the disc in my laptop and begun playing. I actually saw just a picture of Mickey Mouse (Instead of Ethan) on a black background. There was a creepy music box song playing in reverse. When i put my finger on the controls, Mickey moved directions that seemed impossible. Then he flew away. When i tried to get him back on screen, the music was getting worse. For a few split seconds, i could see Mickey in the same shape from before. I was getting freaked out and threw the disc on the floor (Like Donkey Kong) and made my cat poop on it.

I couldn't get some sleep that night because of the game.

So if you find this, don't get it! Stay away from it.