Note: This story is about a lost episode of the Eric series and it is similar to Pingu.avi and Gajardo.avi.

Eric.avi warning screen

The warning screen

One day, I was searching for any Go animate grounded videos on Google. On the 5th Google page, i found a video called Eric.avi. Download now. I downloaded the file and begun watching. It had a warning screen that read: "WARNING: The following video may contain creepy stuff".

After that, the episode started out with a picture of Eric's house that stays on screen for 11 seconds

Then it cuts to static for 2 seconds and it cuts to a picture of the living room that also stays on screen for 11 seconds

Then it cuts to static now for 4 seconds and it cuts to Eric in a dark room.

But there were a few strange things about the picture, The room was completely deserted and Eric just stood there starring at me for 2 minutes.

The only things that were animated were his hands on his hips and his eyes blinking.

Then it goes to static for 3 seconds and returns now with Eric on a black background.

This time, he had soulless black eyes with red pupils and blood dripping from his eyes

The static flickered 1 time and the picture got 100% worse.

This time, the background was now blood stains behind Eric.

There was also random distorted music, murmuring, and screaming from Max and Ruby 0004, Angry Birds: Cursed Edition, Suicidemouse.avi, Squidward's Suicide, Red Mist, Candle Cove, and fudd.wmv.


A screenshot from the episode.

This went on for 2 minutes before cutting to black for 25 seconds.

I waited 25 seconds when suddenly, a scary picture popped up.

It was a Microsoft Paint picture of Eric close up to the camera.

He had a different head with those darn black and red eyes and his mouth was replaced with Smile Dog.

There were blood stains on his shirt and his hair was messed up. A demonic laugh was heard.

Then it cuts to black again.

Eric will scare u forever!!

The Chase photo

Then Japanese text came up that read, "ERIC WILL SCARE U FOREVER". In the background was Dr. Chase from House M.D. He was covered in blood.

A woman scream played.

Then the video ended.

Just then, i heard a voice behind me say, "Want to watch it again?"

I turned around and saw what scared the heck out of me.

It was an Eric plush toy with blood stains all over it.

I deleted Eric.avi and when i did that, the toy faded out.

So if you ever find this file, don't download it. Stay away from it.