One day, I was playing Super Mario 64 on my N64, when I heard something being pushed into my mailbox. I opened it and saw what appeared to be a Caillou VHS tape, but it had Japanese text that read, “DEAD CAILLOU”.  Dead Caillou? Caillou doesn’t die

I ran upstairs and put the tape in my VCR and begun watching.

Snapshot 2 (8-13-2014 7-14 PM)

The title card

The intro played, but something was out of place:

Daddy seemed angry, Mommy seemed shocked with a normal expression on her face, Rosie seemed sad and was crying, and Caillou seemed to have difficult anger for his parents.

Then the episode starts with the family going on a plane trip to Africa.

It pans inside the plane and the title card above the family appears saying the same thing like on the VHS cover. The weird thing is that there is no sound at all.  After a few seconds of the opening scene, a sound of a window being broken plays. Then it cuts to Caillou falling and spinning on a black background. A scream can be heard. Then It cuts to a Technical Difficulties screen showing the camera guy from The Simpsons completely drunk. Then the scene transitions over to Caillou’s mom and dad sitting at their table with a blank expression on their faces. The silence returned and there was no sign of Rosie or Gilbert the cat.


The TD screen

Then all a sudden, a sound of a breeze of wind played while the camera was slowly zooming in on the picture for 22 seconds.

Then it cuts to static for 10 seconds and then returns with a real life picture of a dead child.

He was covered in blood, his head was cut open with blood spilling out, and he was laying on some sort of rusted gravel. Then it went to a picture that scared the heck out of me. It was the mom and dad now starring at me, but all drawn in hyper realistic form. The camera was panned on their faces and behind them was some sorts of messed up patterns and grids. The sound was now thunder.

Then it cuts to a real life picture of 2 gravestones in a backyard. One is labeled, “BORIS AND DORIS”, and the other one is labeled, “CAILLOU AND ROSIE”.  (WTF? Rosie died? That is weird.)

Snapshot 1 (8-13-2014 4-55 PM)

What Caillou's parents might have looked like after the dead child photo

Then the video ends with no credits. I took the VHS out of the VCR and threw it on the floor.

This episode will haunt me for the rest of my life.