I will kill you

You probably know Stargate Sg1. Well there was an unreleased one. I was watching Syfy with my parents when Stargate Sg1 came on. It was July 11th 1998. We were excited when this happened. There was no MGM logo like usual. The opening played, but instead of having the regular intro, It was just flashing white text on a black background. After that, the episode started out with a picture of Sam Carter from the episode, "In The Line Of Duty", but something seemed wrong:

The picture had a ripple 3D effect and there was a sound of demon girls singing Mocking Bird. This went on for several seconds before the sound changed to brown noise.

Then it went to black while the noise was still playing. During this part, i heard a creepy screech sound as if it was a demonic violin.

After a few seconds of total black, the show resumed. However, the picture was different. It seemed to be a picture of Puppet Sg1 from the episode "200".

The brown noise had changed to a death scream playing 4 times. This happened for a few seconds and then it showed a closeup of Daniel Jackson's Face. A voice in the background said," I will kill you". It then cuts to black again and this time played that screaming from Sonic.exe and then changed to the demonic SEGA from Sally.exe. And that was the end. The credits were blacked out, but the song was playing.

I was terrified by this. I then heard a voice behind me say, "Ready to watch again?".

I turned around and saw four dolls of the Sg1 people with glowing red eyes and bad grins on their faces. I turned off the TV and they disappeared.

I am now afraid to watch another episode of Stargate Sg1 because of what i watched.

Photo Gallery Edit

Snapshot 10 (10-1-2014 9-37 AM)

A real screenshot

Creepy dolls

The dolls i saw

Snapshot 11 (10-1-2014 9-43 AM)

Part of the opening